2020 RMC Postponed

2020 RMC Postponed

Dear Mycofolk,

It is with a heavy, collective heart that we announce that due to the recent extension of Oregon’s restriction on large gathering, this year’s Radical Mycology Convergence must be postponed until 2021.

At its core, the RMC has always been focused on building and supporting a vibrant mycoculture. Alongside the weekend’s workshops and events, it was the time spent face-to-face amidst the shared joy of hundreds of fungi-lovers that the RMC nurtured the spirits of everyone present to carry their passion for mycology back to their community. We have been awaiting the return of that energy for many months, and though we are saddened by this turn of events, we will continue to wait until the time comes that we can share our joys together again.

What makes the RMC unique is that it takes place in shared space and in community, and we are staying as committed as ever to ensuring that the next RMC only uplifts our love for fungi and the Earth to new heights. Looking to the fungi for lessons, we find reminders of life’s constant call to adapt to challenges, and to find an inner resolve despite what may come. In the months ahead we will heed these lessons as we evolve the RMC and Radical Mycology as a whole evolve to best support the community that has joined in this journey for the last decade.

We will be issuing refunds to all RMC ticket holders, despite our original policy stating otherwise. While this will not enable us to cover the notable costs the event has incurred thus far, we wish to show our appreciation to all who put their faith in the event during the uncertainty of the last few weeks.

At the same time, our small crew will continue planning the first international Fungi Film Fest, which was planned to premiere just days before the RMC. This event will now be streamed online, with anyone still welcome to submit their fungi-inspired film. Be sure to follow @fungifilmfest to stay up to date on how to submit a film or watch the Fest in October!

With spores of hope and the resilience of mycelium weaving between us as we walk toward the other side of these novel times, we send all our love – mushy and otherwise – to our mycofolk near and far. Thank you for your support through all of this. We can’t wait to meet and celebrate with you again.

~ The RMC Crew