Announcing the 2022 RMC! | RMC

Announcing the 2022 RMC!

October 6–9
Mulino, OR

More Myco Art, More Fungi Films,
More Skills, More Spores!

It’s true! We have been silently evolving this year’s version of the biennial Radical Mycology Convergence’s fungi-filled celebration and are thrilled to share all that’s to come!

2022 Theme and Featured Fungi

The theme of Honoring Succession is the banner we wave over this year's exploration of the many ways fungi support our lives, and how anyone can reflect these actions in their exchanges with people and the planet. An ecological term that embodies the notion that change is both needed and inevitable for health to be ensured, succession ­– and the fungi that guide it – reminds us to accept the things we cannot change and to seek resilience in the face of the unknown.

To embody this theme, for this year's Featured Fungi, we have chosen the powerful and (in)famous Armillaria genus to lift up throughout the RMC and celebrate for its many gifts.


We’ve expanded nearly every aspect of the RMC, adding in more days and events to make the RMC more engaging, empowering, and memorable than ever before. While the core of the RMC is centered on dozens of fungi-related workshops, there are several special events during RMC Week worth a special shout out.

Fertile Substrate: A Pre-RMC Work Party
Sept. 30 – Oct. 2 – Mulino, OR

Fertile Substrate is an intimate work party and workshop series that helps prepare the land for the big event. Substrate Builders (participants) will learn the logistics of setting up such a large event, while earning a free pass to the RMC in exchange.

Mush Love: A Mycophillic Art Show

We are now accepting applications for the second run of this beloved international Art Show. No matter your medium of choice, all are welcome to submit their pieces and proposals for this special show.

2022 MycOlympics

We are bringing back this highlight of the RMC, and cranking up the dial on the pressure cooker! Get your team together now for this series of challenges pushing your love for fungi to the limits!

Other Special Events

There are a number of other special events planned for the RMC, with our Spores & Strains Culture Exchange, Barter Faire, Talent Show, and Scavenger’s Foray also posted on our site. Stay tuned for announcements later in the year for even more Mycohappenings during the sixth RMC!

Get Involved!

2022 RMC Sticker Design Contest

New this year is the RMC Official Sticker Design Contest. Submit your imagery (as inspired by the 2020 theme, Honoring Succession) for a chance to win two full passes!

Applications Open

We are now accepting applications for the RMC. Whether you want to teach a workshop, perform your art, join a volunteer crew, vend in the Mycelial Marketplace, serve your food, or take part in the Mush Love Art Show or Fungi Film Fest, there are lots of ways to co-create this year’s RMC!

See you there!



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