New MycoHappenings!

New MycoHappenings!

We are excited to announce a few big new additions to this year’s roster of special events at the RMC. Alongside the 40+ workshops we have in store (schedule coming soon!), we are sneak-peeking some of the bigger events, because they all offer a way for you to join us in the fun(gi).

Mushroom Story Hour

We all have a unique storied to tell of our relationship with fungi and we want to hear yours! This special event will be an intimate opening to the RMC, set to take place Thursday night.  Come prepared with a tale to share.

Honoring Succession Collage

In line with this year’s theme of Honoring Succession, we are excited to team up with Collage Riot to hold space for a community art piece. Add images to this project that reflect on what you wish to leave behind, and what are you calling into your life.

MyCostume Competition

Coinciding with Saturday night’s dance party (following the Talent Show), this new addition to the RMC roster encourages our rowdy crowd of mycofolk to strut their best fungi attire for fun(gi) and for a chance to win prizes.

RMC Talent Show (Redux)

This year, we are adding this special RMC event by adding the chance for performers to win prizes (including a full pass the next RMC!) if their act is specifically fungi-, Armillaria-, or succession-themed.

And this is in addition to the already announced MycOlympics, Barter Faire, and Culture Swap (Spores & Strains).

(Oh, and, yes, we do have many other special things planned – but those will have to be discovered in person!)

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