This RMC we are excited to support local food businesses by providing space for a small number of vendors to serve their delicious offerings to the Convergence crowd. Spaces are available for 10x10 food tents and small food carts or trucks – and while we welcome all food styles, preference will be given to companies that prioritize ethically-sourced ingredients and that incorporate mushrooms or fungal ferments into their menu.

The $650 fee for food vendors does not include attendance to the Convergence. If you wish to attend RMC workshops or events, tickets will be available to food vendors for $250. You may bring up to 3 extra employees and purchase their tickets at the same discounted price.

Please note that the RMC will supply water to food vendors but will NOT supply electricity. If a generator is to be used, it must be quiet. Vendors must also remove their greywater at the end of the RMC.

All food vendors must adhere to terms and conditions outlined in the RMC Marketplace Handbook.

The food vendor application will close June 30 and all applicants will be notified of our selection by July 15.



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