Opening: Friday, Oct. 7
8:00 PM

The depiction of our fungal allies is a celebration found across cultures and throughout time. In nearly all forms of art, fungi have been honored and used to symbolize customs, beliefs, and healing practices. Join us in celebration of these relationships with fungi at the international art show, Mush Love

 Selected Artists


Adam Western

Somerset, UK

Im a Small artist that draws little mushling illustrations. The mushlings are inspired by mushrooms I find in identification books and if Im lucky mushrooms that I have found while foraging. I like to use body language to convey different emotions for each mushroom.

I enjoy learning more about mycology as I research new mushroom to bring to life.

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Aki Fujiyoshi

New York, NY

Aki Fujiyoshi lives and works in NYC.

With a lifelong enjoyment of, fascination and adventures with mushrooms + lifelong engagement and producing in some aspect of the visual arts: fine arts, design, illustration and crafts (it's all connected!) made it a no-brainer for her to try and participate in this event. Aside from the fun aspect, she hopes to make a small contribution towards a better future by taking part in the RMC.

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Annette Weber

Beatenberg, Switzerland

while studying art in london i got in contact with a lot of different food cultures and my interest in many things connected with food grew bigger and bigger.

considering both art and food as an important language for communicating feelings or non verbal information i started a journey exploring both worlds by active practice.

i run a coffeeshop in the swiss mountains and try to serve our customers my fascination for flavours created by nature on a plate. these „flavour works“ are whenever possible exclusively made by hand. the taste of the „handmade“ is crucial.

much like a wild alpine plant depending on its surrounding soil and climate, producing a lovely smell or aesthetic appearance, handmade food expresses the momentous environment and the chefs personality at its best.

even though the following might sound odd, but nature really is the greatest artist. no matter what natural scene you contemplate it is always harmonious, nothing is irritating.

by choosing the collage technique i try to visualize these fascination for the indescribable harmony nature arrives to express. unexpected found imagery put together with my intuition (again place and time play an important role like in the handmade cooking) should express some form of indescribable harmony.

and last but not least humor is always a very important ingredient, if only just a pinch of it!

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Chloe Parsons

Universal City, UK

Chloe Parsons’ watercolors explore the nuance of complex interrelationships through stark contrast and duality. For Chloe, dualism is merely a tool for peering into in-between spaces to find glimpses of wholeness— a “yes/and” inquiry as opposed to an “either/or” binary. Inspired by the scientific + mystical, and folkloric + futuristic aspects of mycology, Chloe uses her artistic medium to express her wonder and gratitude as well as process her grief and hope for the ecologies we inhabit.

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Colin Effray

Bethanie, QC

Colin is a little self-taught non-binary comic book maker. they are living in canada and trying to fight off enviromental collapse by taking care of the environement around them. Between learning and working, they draw the most they can, taking inspiration in every life form they encounter.

They published their first comic book, Sœl, in 2019. The experience was illuminating but stupidly tenuous because of the interference of the publishing house.

Having found their way, Colin went ahead and self-published their next comic book, le Feu des Jours a year later. From writing to distribution everything (except printing) was made by themself.

After a whole year of horticultural production school, they are now ready to start writing again.

Also they do illustration and tattoos, cause why the hell not heh.

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Danielle Caners

Winnipeg, MB

Danielle Caners is the pilot of a magnificent space shuttle bringing you on a journey to the depths of the earth, far into the cosmos and back to the core of your being. Her art is the synthesis of an untameable thirst to learn, create, and grow. Her paintings are tapestries of visual codes that reward viewers with new discoveries every time they are revisited - each one embedded with ancestral wisdom, wonder of nature and practical observations of what it is to live a fulfilled life. Danielle’s global reputation is a testament to the power of what she brings. She stands at the fulcrum of art, education and healing; guiding us to self-actualization.

Specializing in drawing and painting, Caners has grown into an inspirational speaker, giving workshops and producing books, videos and beyond. Danielle’s artistic skills continue to adapt and expand into traditional painting methods, digital art, augmented reality and alternative means of story telling.

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Hannah Bestley Burt

Kent, UK

I am a self-taught weaver, combining sculptural basket weaving, loom-based constructions and embroidery embellishments. I am fascinated by the interconnectedness and symbiosis of mycelium and how it complicates the idea and value of individuality through being both one and many. I am inspired by the hope that fungi have to offer as a remedy to human impact on the environment, as a crucial source of carbon capture, as a new building material, and as fundamental to soil health.

My practice is grounded in urgent love for the overlooked natural world, the aesthetics of the imperfect and a belief in a political imperative to encourage joy in the world. I make bright, colourful work and I enjoy playing with ‘silliness,’ and, at least ostensibly, adopting a tone of lightness. At the same time my work is serious and allied with mindfulness. It urges us to reevaluate our relationship with the natural world, to venerate the small, slimy and or unsightly. I see my work as political in this way, creating objects that are embedded with values to live by, but that inspire and entice.

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Jen Hernandez

Corvallis, OR

Jen Hernandez (she/they) is an illustration artist, community educator and designer based in the Pacific Northwest. Her work examines intersections of identity and belonging in natural spaces. In her illustration work, Hernandez focuses on portraying black, brown and indigenous people of color in archetypal character roles. ""This is how I find myself in the environments that I have made my home."" As a child and young adult, Jen was enamored with fairy tales, fantasy and adventure, but struggled to connect personally with the characters represented in her favorite stories. Her illustration and painting practice re-imagines fantasy spaces with figures that her younger self would have more closely connected with.

As a community arts educator, Jen works with students to explore stories that center on shared and unique experiences, as well as imaging futures through illustration, observation, body movement, and digital storytelling. Jen’s students practice craft and artistic skills as a foundation for collaboration and realigning personal relationship with creativity. She works with local organizations to make community arts education accessible for all learners.

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Kaitlin Bryson

Santa Fe, NM

Kaitlin Bryson is a queer, ecological/bio artist concerned with environmental and social justice. She primarily works with fungi, plants, microbes, and biodegradable materials to engage more-than-human audiences, while also facilitating human communities through social practice and environmental stewardship. Her practice is research-based and most often collaborative, highlighting the potency of working like lichens to realize radical change and justice. In 2019, Bryson co-founded The Submergence Collective, an environmental arts collective focused on multidisciplinary projects that imagine more collaborative, creative, hopeful, and ecologically connected futures for our human species and rest of the living world.

Bryson received an MFA in Art & Ecology from the University of New Mexico where she concurrently studied art, mycology and ecotoxicology. Currently she works as a practicing artist, land-steward, and radical educator. Bryson has received support from the Lannan and Andrew W. Mellon Foundation(s) to create ecologically remediative artworks within communities nationally and internationally. She is a recipient of the 2022 Future Art Award: Ecosystem X from Mozaik Philanthropy, a 2022 Fulcrum Fund from 516 Arts, and has exhibited throughout the Unites States and Europe, and in Mexico, Ireland, and Nepal as well as in notable festivals such as Ars Electronica (AT) and Politics of the Machine (DE). Her artwork and activism have been featured in books such as, “In Search of Mycotopia: Citizen Science, Fungi Fanatics, and the Untapped Potential of Mushrooms”, by Doug Bierend and The New Farmer’s Almanac “The Grand Land Plan” and will be included in the November 2022 Edition of Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture.

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Lydia Hicks

Vancouver, WA

I am from Vancouver, Washington, so my work is heavily influenced by the Pacific Northwest. I feel deeply connected to nature and hope to foster that connection in my art. My hobbies of mushroom hunting and fern-collecting are direct references for my functional art pieces that give a taste of the PNW with every sip.

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Madison Davis

Roswell, GA

Madison Davis, creating under the alias The Arcane Moth, is a 22 year old Atlanta based multimedia artist exploring the beauty and magic of planet Earth. Early on, she followed in the footsteps of her artist father who shared a passion for her interests. Another multimedia artist, he worked primarily with metals, neon, miniatures, insect preservation, and mural painting, and loved to share his knowledge of various methods and materials with her. Madi spent her childhood and adolescence exploring and experimenting alongside her father.

Madi attended Georgia State University and became a part of their multimedia arts and interior design programs. Through various two and three dimensional art courses, she became passionate about many new mediums; primarily ceramic arts. While in school in 2019, she began to create and sell works online under her Etsy alias The Arcane Moth. In 2021, she left GSU and moved to Roswell, Georgia to pursue full time independent creating.

Embracing photography and videography as an integral part of her art form as an online creator, she creates mystical photographic setups around her completed works and whimsical process videos which she shares on her social media platforms. Her most well known and popular works include her enchanting original mycology plaques and fungi cabinets.

Early in 2021, Madi became a part of the Roswell Clay Collective to further develop her sculpting skills, and was invited in December of that year to join the studio as an apprentice. She has spent the last year incorporating her earthy style into hand built, wheel thrown, and slab built ceramic works. Madi's many original works feature a fusion of materials including ceramic and polymer clays, oil and acrylic paints, wood, metal, glass, and natural and foraged items. Her passion for both the natural and spiritual beauty of Earth is evident in every piece.

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Maria Whiteman

Asheville, NC

Maria documents her studies of the woods in Indiana, sifting and evaluating the intertwining ecology between fungi, plants, and trees. Whiteman’s striking images and writing capture the intricacies of interconnectedness between the fungal and arboreal worlds, where growth and decomposition take part in the symbiotic relationships of the forest’s wood wide web.

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Milla Istomina

Los Angeles, CA

Milla Istomina is a Los Angeles based artist. Her ceramic journey stared in 2018, when she took a wheel throwing class at the local studio. Ever since work at the studio became a creative escape into wonderful clayland. With the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 it became clear that full time job might not last any longer. Milla have taken up the time sell her experimental pieces, hone her skills and promote her work. The Mist Ceramics brand was born.

Milla has shown her work at local galleries and events such as Tiny Treasures XVI and The Ceramics Congress, and many of her works can be found in private collections.

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Rose Drummond

Bellingham, WA

Rose Unfolding (Drummond) resides in the Pacific Northwest where she listens deeply to the Living Land, and learns from it. Her work stems from the desire to seek comfort in the Earth, and to create guardians and guides to watch over us.

Rose’s pieces speak to the cyclical principles of Birth, Death, Rebirth, and the idea of Breakdown as integral to the whole. Much of her work is created to enshrine moments of transition, trauma, and grief in physical objects as a touchstone for processing.

Her techniques with ink crosshatching as shading atop many layers of watercolor make a conscious and time intensive effort to weave intention and meaning into her work.

Rose was born in Swinomish & Skagit territories near Mount Vernon, WA and currently resides between Sto:lo and Coast Salish territories.

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Seraphina Canham

Portland, OR

Mushrooms have always been a part of my life, starting with foraging morels in Michigan as a child. I fould my first wild psilocybin in Portland, OR during a period of great internal darkness. P. cyanescens not only saved my life from deep depression and possibly suicide, these mushrooms gave me a new direction and path forward.

Upon collecting a spore print to confirm the correct species, I found the resulting image to be just as beautiful as it was facsinating. I have always considered myself to be an artist, although my professional career has been rooted in farming and the culinary arts. I began looking for other artists who were spore printing as a form of expression. This was about 5 years ago. The size and color range of spores I wished to see in paper; I could not find. Hence began my journey to capture the secret palette of the fungi kingdom.

My journey with spore printing has evolved and my goals and visions have shifted since my first print 5 years ago. Today, I aim to document the fungal diversity of the land on which I forage. Pristine habitats in danger of distubance due to deforestation can be captured in time through composite spore printing.

Spore printing has made me feel more alive than any other form of expression. I know that I will be spore printing til the end of my days, as I am still just as facinated when I reveal a print as the first day I collected one. I enjoy teaching others this means of identification, especially young people. I foresee spore printing to become as recognized as seed keeping in our new future.

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