Opening: Friday, Oct. 7
8:00 PM

Submit your art to this international fungi-themed art show

The depiction of our fungal allies is a celebration found across cultures and throughout time. In nearly all forms of art, fungi have been honored and used to symbolize customs, beliefs, and healing practices. If you are an artist of any medium, we invite you to express your relationship with fungi this year at the RMC in our international art show, Mush Love, to help others see what working with fungi means to you.

All forms of creative expression are welcome – including visual, audio, print, sculpture, performative, or multimedia works. Artists can submit a maximum of three (3) pieces for consideration. Original pieces inspired by the 2022 RMC theme of Honoring Succession or the featured genus, Armillaria, are strongly encouraged, though preexisting works that relate to (radical) mycology will also be considered. Mush Love is housed on site at the RMC, with its opening event to take place on the Friday night of the Convergence.

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied – we can't make the RMC great without you!



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