sixth biennial
Radical Mycology Convergence

October 6–9 | Mulino, OR


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Peter McCoy

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The Radical Mycology Convergence was founded in 2011 and evolved out of a zine titled Radical Mycology that had been written by Peter McCoy two years prior. With a focus on inspiring a love for fungi amongst activists and artists, the zine and Convergence rapidly grew in popularity. Now, over a decade on, the Radical Mycology Convergence has evolved to be a much larger container for the hopes it initially harbored.

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What to expect

  • The Largest Radical Mycology Convergence to date, hosting over 500 people from around the world

  • Special events including the MycOlympics, the Mush Love Art Show, and the Spores & Strains Culture Swap
  • The MycOlympics is the first ever event to test teams on mushroom-related skills in a series of events to crown themselves as MycOlympians

  • The Mush Love Art show features multi-media art from an international consortium of fungi-focused artists

  • The RMC Talent Show brings together the wild, the weird, the fun, and the awe inspiring talents of the hundreds of attendees

  • Fungi themed evening events, including food and drink, performances, dancing, and more

  • Raffle of myco-goods and art

  • Knowledgeable and renowned leaders in mycological innovation leading classes, talks, workshops, and panels

  • Informative talks on mycology from basic biology and medicinal mushrooms, to identification, mycoremediation, and more

  • Daily Forays into the nearby wilderness of rural Oregon, and the ripe fruit of mushrooms in the fall

  • Myco-focused installation projects and demonstrations

  • A uniquely focused event to meet like-minded individuals with a similar passion for fungi, working together to learn, understand, and push the cultural narrative of our relationship to fungi further

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