Saturday, Sept. 8
8:00 PM

Every Saturday night at the RMC, the schedule is cleared to bring everyone gathered around the event's central, forest-nestled stage to watch their peers share their (fungi-related or not) talents, arts, and passions with their new family of mycofolk.

The RMC Talent Show is a tradition – one that we see as central to helping build a greater sense of community between all who attend. If you have a skill or act you'd love to share, we invite you to sign up for time on the stage when you arrive! As space is limited, we ask that all who take part limit their showcase to under three (3) minutes.

This year, we are adding to this special RMC event by offering the chance for performers to win prizes (including a full pass the next RMC!) if their act is specifically fungi-, Armillaria-, or succession-themed. These acts can be up to 5-minutes long, so that the myco mightiness can shine most brightly.

To take part in the Show, participants can sign up at the Info Booth starting at 9:00 am on Saturday, October 8. There will be a limited number of 3- and 5-minute slots, so be sure to sign up early to show us what you got!

We can't wait to see you bring it!



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