The RMC volunteer team is the event's mycelial core. We simply can't put on such a large and many-spored event without the support of dozens of amazing folks who throw down for the love of fungi!

If you are interested in volunteering at the RMC this year, the exchange is simple: for 15 hours of your time (typically done in three 5-hour shifts), you will receive a full pass to the main RMC events that take place on Thursday through Sunday (October 6–9). If this sounds good to you, fill out the application below.

If your application is accepted, we will contact you to let you know what roles and shifts you are assigned to. We will then ask that you pay a $50 non-refundable impact fee using a credit card within one month of being notified, or by September 1, whichever comes first.

Volunteer No-Show / Cancellation Fee

After paying your impact fee, your encrypted credit card information will thereafter be stored in our system until after the RMC. In the event that you cancel your volunteer position on short notice or miss any of your assigned shifts, you will be charged a fee. If you cancel your attendance on or after September 22 (two weeks before the start of the RMC) or do not show up for any of your assigned shifts, $350 will be charged to your card. If you cancel your attendance between September 7 and September 21, $100 will be charged to your card.

These fees help us ensure that we will be properly prepared for the Convergence and make it as enjoyable as possible for all as we have simply had too many volunteers not show up to their shifts in the past. Thank you for your understanding and support in this logistical need of the RMC!

Applications are now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied – we can't make the RMC great without you!



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