What is the RMC?

A Celebration of Mushrooms and the People Who Love Them

The Radical Mycology Convergence is a 4-day art- and education-based gathering that revolves around the fascinating world of mushrooms, lichens, and other fungi. Dozens of teachers provide informative workshops and demonstrations throughout each day (with 2–4 workshops occurring at any given time). Each night, a different creative event offers a new way to celebrate the magic and mystery of fungi.

A variety of special events are also offered that allow attendees to directly add to the celebration – whether in a creative capacity, or though friendly competitions and contests. And the whole schedule is designed to create an immersive experience that helps people of all backgrounds find new ways to think about mushrooms and their unique traits.

Through all of this (and mush more), the RMC emphasizes how fungi can support sustainable lifestyles and inform how humans can be better stewards of Earth. As such, we focus less on eating mushrooms or the effects of psilocybin (topics readily found elsewhere, but which do make appearances in small ways at the RMC), and instead highlight a variety of other cultural relationships with fungi, including how we can create more meaningful relationships between humans and fungi today.

The RMC is a family-friendly event that welcomes people of all backgrounds, and we offer free on-site camping if you wish to immerse yourself in the event. Since its first incarnation, the Convergence has aimed to build and inspire a community of like-minded mushroom-loving (or mushroom-curious) people. Though the event has grown over the years, this is still our central goal and our top value in putting together this special event.

We are honored and excited to host the sixth RMC this year and hope you are able to join us in the celebration!

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