Sunday, Oct. 9
11:15 AM

If you were at the 2018 RMC, you might remember that one of the most hilarious events of the weekend was the first biennial MycOlympics: a team-based series of challenges pushing your love for fungi to the limits!

This RMC, we are bringing the MycOlympics back and cranking up the dial on the pressure cooker! We're talking about crazier obstacles, more challenges, bigger prizes, and even greater glory for the winners! For though fungi teach us to be in good relation with our environment, sometimes a part of that relationship is competing for resources (it can be a fungus-eat-fungus world out there).

In this embodied expression of that lesson, teams of 3–7 mycofolk will be competing against each other through a series of challenges. To join, come to the RMC with a crew (or ready to find one), a name for your team, and good stamina. Teams will be able to sign up at the RMC registration table starting on Saturday morning at 9:00 am, with the limited number of team spaces to be filled on a first-listed basis.



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