Saturday, Oct. 8
6:00 PM

Curating a space for fungi cultivators and citizen mycologists to exchange spores prints, spore syringes, and agar- or liquid-based cultures has always been a key feature of the RMC. This year, we are bringing back our Spores & Strains Culture Exchange, while also adding in a few new components to more fully honor the work that each participant puts into sharing their cherished fungi.

Spread Spores, Win Prizes!

To take part in the 2022 Spores and Strains, bring at least five replicates of two or more legal fungal species or strains of a species to the event.* For example, you might bring five spore prints of a wild Agaricus species, and five liquid culture syringes of your favorite Maitake strain. Whatever the combination, please ensure that the culture is as clean as possible and that notes are provided for each replicate on the culture's origin and cultivation history.

Upon entering the event, Strain Meisters (a.k.a. judges) will take note of the diversity of species you've brought and give you a ticket for the Spores & Strains raffle for each set of replicates. Once the Exchange begins, participants will have 15 minutes to barter their cultures with each other in whatever way they choose!

To close out the Exchange, a raffle will award winning participants with prizes, while the Strain Meisters will give out a reward for the most sets of replicates (and associated notes) and for the most unusual mycelium-based culture (selected at the Strain Meisters' discretion).

To celebrate this year’s featured fungi, the genus Armillaria, a special prize will also be awarded for each mycelium-based replicate set of an Armillaria strain, while a special GRAND PRIZE will be awarded for the most interesting and unique Armillaria culture and/or the Armillaria culture accompanied by the most robust or unusual set of photographic, geographic, and morphological documentation.

See you there?!

* Mycelial cultures and spores of controlled fungal species are not allowed at the RMC or Spores & Strains!



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